New redistricting plan: Draw a line between Rouzer’s house and Otto’s

New Boundary Puts Otto 3.5 Miles Outside of District Seven

“You would think it would be a common courtesy to let both the incumbents and their challengers know they would be placed in a different district.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

The proposed redistricting map would, if approved, draw a line between incumbent Congressman David Rouzer’s house and his Republican challenger Mark Otto’s house, even though they live only a few miles apart.  Otto’s house would be placed in the second district while Rouzer would keep his house – and his congressional seat - in the seventh.

“This is just nuts,” said Otto.  “As a NCAA college baseball umpire, I have seen many curve balls, screw balls and change ups but this takes the cake.  What a fiasco.”

Otto entered the race against Congressman Rouzer after Rouzer voted to fund abortion provider Planned Parenthood, funded President Obama’s executive amnesty orders, agreed to relocate Muslim refugees and illegal immigrants into the United States, and increased the national debt by nearly one trillion dollars.

Otto agreed to debate Congressman Rouzer in a forum offered by WWAY TV3, Wilmington, over a month ago, but Rouzer has said he will not debate.  Apparently, he may have been aware of the new Congressional district map and knew Otto would be moved out before the information was made public, as he stated in the interview, which can be viewed here:

“I did not receive a phone call, email, letter, nothing; No contact from anyone whatsoever about the new redistricting plan,” added Otto.  “I had to read about it in the news.  You would think it would be a common courtesy to let both the incumbents and their challengers know they would be placed in a different district.  That is what I would have done if I were part of the redistricting committee.  It’s just common sense and common courtesy.”

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I BELIEVE in the sanctity of life, and that taxpayer dollars should never be used to support Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America;

I BELIEVE in the 2nd Amendment and that the rights of honest, law-abiding citizens to own firearms and protect their families must be preserved;

I BELIEVE that ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups present a clear and present danger to America, and that we should immediately stop all immigration of Muslim refugees from known terrorist states.

I BELIEVE that illegal immigration is a threat to our economy and to our American culture.  I support building a border wall immediately and I will defund sanctuary cities that act as “safe houses” for illegal criminal aliens;

I BELIEVE that American jobs should go to American workers, so I support a reduction in the number of guest worker visas our government issues and support strict hiring practices that penalize companies who employ illegal immigrants;

I BELIEVE in term limits for members of Congress, to ensure a more representative government that answers to the people, not to the special interests or the political establishment;

I BELIEVE that President Obama’s illegal executive orders that permit Amnesty for illegals, take away the rights of gun owners, and infringe upon our system of checks and balances is a direct threat to the Constitution and to our civil liberties.  I will never vote to allocate funds to these Presidential directives.

I BELIEVE government must live within its means and not pass along more debt to future generations, so I will oppose any legislation that increases the national debt;

I BELIEVE that Obamacare is hurting families, destroying businesses and holding back our economy, and that it should be defunded immediately.

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While Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider, having performed 323,999 abortions in 2015, federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), which operate in service sites in both rural and urban locations, offer low-income populations health services similar to those provided by Planned Parenthood, but do not perform abortions.


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